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LOVELYREE Marketing Business Plans

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$150 Deposit / Total package price starts at $300 Remainder can be billed in full separately via PayPal or a payment plan can be established for payments to be made through the duration of the project. Regardless of the kind of investor you hope to approach, asking someone to offer money in support of your vision is a big request. From high-profile investors to family members offering their savings to help you reach your dream, every potential investor deserves to understand the opportunities and risks involved with your company.

Document written in Microsoft Word, financials built custom in Microsoft Excel, and plan created in professional graphic programs by skilled designers

The Marketing Business Plan is about ~15-20 pages in length, including color charts and graphs, and consists of the following components:

*Prices Vary See Other Cheaper Business Plan Packages* Price not to exceed: $600 for all services listed below for full business plan components.

Plan Overview
Market Analysis
Marketing Information
Operations Analysis

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