2015 and 2016 Resume Do's & Do Not's / ***FREE TIP***

Below are some general guidelines and tips that must be kept in mind when attempting to build the best resume for any position in 2015 and 2016.

Use of Adjectives and Power words: Replacing a few verbs with stronger action words and adding a few powerful adjectives here and there in your resume can work wonders. These power words will magically enhance the impression your resume is going to make on potential employers.

Objectivity: Since recruiters don’t have spare time to go through long sentences or paragraphs, they prefer objectively formatted resumes. You can replace your qualifications section with a 3×3 tabular Core Competencies section to relieve the reader’s eyes.

Length: The average length of a resume must strictly be less than one 3 pages at that most extreme.

Evidenced Accomplishments: 2015 onwards, as the competition increases in the market, every claim will need to be proved. This is where solid, quantified accomplishments come in.

Keywords: Resume scanning has increasingly become computerized. Make sure you include market specific keywords enough for the software and human beings to detect relevance in your resume.

Performance Summary: A well stated summary can set the desired tone for any resume. Invest time in coming up with a power packed performance summary highlighting your maximum value.

Layout and Format: 2014 has seen a strong drift towards functional/skills based resumes as well as combination resumes. Many recruiters agree that these are easier to scan and provide information that is needed instantly. So get rid of the old fashioned chronological or reverse chronological resume and go for a skills based or combination resume.

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